“Remote work is not about giving your employees a laptop and telling them you can go work from anywhere”. These were the words of Nadia Harris, founder of RemoteWorkAdvocate.com, the go-to place for companies and individuals who want to thrive in the flexible work era.

Nadia that some of the main challenges that face remote work are about the mentality around it. Some companies are still stuck in the industrial working patterns, just because they are used to doing that for so long.

Companies are still trying to find their way, struggling between the old and the new ways of working. The key is to treat it not like something a company allows, but rather as a scalable model where the whole employee journey is designed to support working remotely and engage everyone inside or outside the office.

Nadia added that she shares material, videos, and articles to help individuals find a remote job and how to master working remotely, as well as legal advice related to contracts, being an employee or contractor, and many more.

For companies, Nadia advises them through remote working arrangements, workation policies, working-abroad arrangements, and GDPR policies in Europe among other areas.

Nadia believes that the future of remote work is bright, however, it won’t be easy. “The most important thing that I believe and hope is going to be part of the future of work is the possibility to choose,” she said.

Nadia added that It took people 50 years to adopt electricity because they thought candles were sufficient, and now we can’t imagine living without it, the same will go for remote work. Countries are now changing laws and introducing digital nomad visas, this is just the beginning.