List of the best influencers about the Swiss Alps

Social media use around the world has risen dramatically over the years, with over 4.5 billion people now interacting, often daily, on a range of social media platforms. Some of the most popular social networks include Instagram, Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), SnapChat, TikTok, YouTube, and WhatsApp. Certain users on these platforms have built reputations and followings based on their knowledge or expertise on specific topics. Below is a list of the top social media influencers on Instagram who post about the Swiss Alps.

Andy Sto – Digital Nomad Hub in the Swiss Alps

Andy Sto's team is creating a digital nomad hub in Switzerland. We warmly welcome digital nomads and entrepreneurs to the picturesque village of Lenk, nestled in the stunning Swiss Alps.

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The Bergschaft is an association of Swiss mountain guides who provide mountain experiences in the form of mountain climbing courses and tours, and ski courses and tours in the Swiss Alps (and other countries in Europe). 

The Bergschaft mountain guides include Jonas Schwarz, Florian Bosshard, Anne-Aylin Sigg, Jonas Alajuuma, Marc Lüthi, Simon König, Julian Kölliker, Simon Steiner, Reto Michael, and Martin Siegenthaler.

With an Instagram following of over 9500 people, the Bergschaft’s posts showcase some of the best climbing and skiing in Switzerland’s snow-covered Alps. They share images of their many adventurous and intrepid skiing and climbing excursions, with commentary in English and Swiss German. 


Hannah Bryans is a ski instructor in Zermatt, Switzerland, in the heart of the Swiss Alps. Her Instagram profile shows that she has achieved Swiss Brevet Federal and BASI Level 4 ISTD, and is a BASI Trainer and Demo Team member. 

For anyone interested in mountaineering or in climbing in the Swiss mountains, this Instagram profile should provide you with lots of inspiration. Hannah Bryans shares posts of her many summer and winter climbing and skiing escapades in the Alps. She also posts about some of the idyllic Swiss scenery around Zermatt, places that she travels to, and about some of the ski training groups that she hosts.


Jacek Wejster is the person behind The @yacmen Instagram handle. Jacek is an adventure and outdoor photographer based in Zermatt, Switzerland, and is also a keen skier, climber and alpinist. Having started his career working for a bike magazine in Poland, Jacek is now a freelance photographer and has amassed an impressive list of clients including Zermatt Ski Chalets, Mont Cervin Palace, Yosemite Zermatt, and BlackYak as well as doing family and couples photography in the Alps.

@yacmen’s posts showcase the natural beauty of Zermatt and the Alps – from views across to the Matterhorn, images from photoshoots, videos of himself downhill skiing in the mountains, and various paid partnerships as an Instagram and Swiss Alps influencer. 


This Instagram page is owned by a Swiss UIAGM-licensed mountain and ski guide, Hermann Berie, who is the CEO of Berie, a company offering trekking, skiing and climbing expeditions and tours around the world. With an office based in Schaffhausen, Switzerland, Bernie runs a Swiss Alpine school.

With a large following of over 16K, @mountainguide_berie, the team includes Fritz Miller, Frank Schmidt, Jeff Hübschenberger, Davis Kimambo, and Anna Hergenröder. While many of their Instagram posts show tours from around the world, there are a large number of posts about trekking, climbing, skiing and navigating glaciers and snow fields in the Swiss Alps. 


The Alpinists is a collective of friends and photographers in Switzerland who enjoy exploring the Alps. They aim to inspire everyone to get outdoors and enjoy the beauty of nature, while calling attention to environmental issues. 

The Alpinists have their own online store, selling books (Lost in the Alps and Lost in the Alps 2) and tees to raise money to support international charity organisation, WWF, to help fight climate change and protect the planet. They also host photographic workshops in the Swiss Alps and collaborate with brands to create content, social media campaigns and offer brand ambassadorship. 


@Twintheworld is run by cousins Roman and Valentin, who are photographers and alpine enthusiasts who enjoy exploring nature and who belong to the @alpinists collective. 

Their Instagram page is full of stunning photos of the Alps, as they explore towns and villages like Lauterbrunnen, Walensee, and St Gallen in Switzerland as well as various other European countries. 

With a following of over 248K, these twins have gained valuable knowledge about being social media influencers which they now share with others as they created a social media agency called Digipex.


Swiss influencer Silvan Schlegel is a photographer based in Zurich and is a member of The Alpinists, a collective of outdoor, Alpine photographers. Silvan’s large Instagram following is no doubt largely a result of his incredible landscape photographs of Switzerland’s countryside, the Alps, and other areas he travels to and explores. He posts often about areas and hiking routes near to where he lives such as St. Galler Rheintal, Alvierkette, Saxer, Lücke, Mutschen, Palfries, Mels, Heidiland, Girenspitz and Flumserberg.


Joni Hedinger is a Swiss photographer and filmmaker, and also a member of the Alpinists collective. As an Instagram influencer he has collaborated on various brand partnerships and amassed a large following.

Jodi’s captivating images of the Swiss Alps and his many intrepid mountain and outdoor adventures achieve high levels of engagement and interest from a global audience. Jodi is from Rapperswil, Switzerland, and has taken part in various art exhibitions in Zurich, Lachen, and other places. 


Franziska André is the person behind Swiss Mountain View, which is a popular Instagram profile with close to 250K followers. Franziska owns a holiday rental apartment in Beatenberg, which is featured on this Instagram page, along with many captivating photos of the surrounding Alps, and various Swiss villages, towns and cities. 

Franziska also showcases many tourist attractions near Beatenberg  – from the turquoise waters of Brienzersee, the charming town of Murten, hiking paths in Schilthorn, a spring walk in Lauterbrunnen Valley, and skiing in front of front of the big 3 mountains of the Eiger, Mönch, and Jungfrau.


Nathalie Sarah is a Swiss storyteller with a love for adventure, living in Thun, Switzerland. As a young influencer, Nathalie uses her Instagram channel and large following to showcase her outdoor life and some of the best mountain and outdoor scenery in Switzerland. 

From Instagram stories showing the Birg Thrill Walk at Schilthorn, high in the mountains with panoramic views, to images of the Allmendhubel landscape, to having food at Zermatt high up in the mountains surrounded by snow and sunshine. 


Markus Manfredi is a digital creator living in Switzerland who has built a strong following on Instagram with over 2.5M followers. He’s the founder and owner of Swissaround Travels and a freelance photographer.

Markus travels around Switzerland, taking his followers on social media to a range of new places – from beautiful hotels, hiking trails in the mountains, and quaint villages. As an influencer, he works with various tourism enterprises, helping to promote travel in Switzerland. Some of the places he visits includes Morschach, Lungern, Aare Gorge, Lake Blausee, Lake Caumasee, Loetschental, Brienz, Zermatt, Rosenlaui, Lake Palpuognasee, Seerenbachfalls, and Seealpsee.


Swiss Family Fun are a family of four living in Zürich who love hiking and sharing the knowledge about the mountains and hiking routes with their followers on Instagram. Their posts are full of insider tips on the best hiking spots, best coffee shops, and best places to visit in Switzerland for nature lovers. 

Their Instagram page provides detailed information on how to get to places they showcase, what to expect, and what to avoid – and they do it all from a family’s perspective. As social media influencers, they regularly collaborate with tourism boards, popular Swiss attractions and Swiss brands to produce sponsored content.


Just Moved To Switzerland is a Zurich-based lifestyle and travel Instagram page and travel magazine that was started in 2017 by @larisa_topalo. It’s grown in popularity with over 57K followers and was awarded Swiss Influencer Award Best Travel Blog in 2021. 

Whether you’re an expat living in Switzerland and wanting to explore more of the country, you’re a holiday maker keen to get some insider tips on where to stay, dine out and what to do – this page provides endless suggestions and inspiration. The Alps are not a huge focus on the content on Just Moved To Switzerland, but as they’re quintessentially Swiss, they do appear in many posts. 


With over half a million followers, Swissaway’s Instagram page is bursting with inspiring travel and tourism images and videos of places to visit and stay across Switzerland. Many of the places, animals, rivers, mountains and villages featured are in the Alps. 


Suissebook is an Instagram page dedicated to all things to love about Switzerland. This page posts about some of the best places to visit in Switzerland and has a blog linked to the page that showcases Swiss cakes, typical things that make Switzerland unique, and restaurants and hotels across the country. Many of the images showcase the beauty of the great outdoors in the Swiss countryside in both winter and summer.