Let’s be clear about one thing.

As digital nomads, we all want the same:

  • more energy,
  • better focus,
  • higher productivity;

Yet, we often feel worn out even before getting up!

What’s the magic trick to staying fresh all day?

There is an urban legend saying that billionaires wake up daily at 5 am.

  • Is this the case with digital nomads?
  • How to transform every day into utmost know-how? How to experience repeatable creative bursts instead of falling asleep over the computer?

A well-set morning routine pattern can fix your problems.

Let’s go through these 10 proven ways that you need to develop your best morning routine.


1. It needs to fit your personality

Hal Elrod is the author of ‘The Miracle Morning: The Not-So-Obvious Secret Guaranteed to Transform Your Life (Before 8 AM)’.

He claims that:

‘How you wake up each day and your morning routine (or lack thereof) dramatically affects your levels of success in every single area of your life’.

The thing is, that your best morning routine is the one perfectly tailored to you.

Whether you are an early bird or a night owl – the best you can do is to follow your gut feeling.

There is nothing wrong with waking up late and taking time to get in the mood!


2. Start your morning the evening before

Here’s the thing:

At the end of a workday, we tend to discover what needs to be done the day after.

It’s useful to make a tomorrow-to-do list at this point (even if we would actually love to postpone it for tomorrow).

Write down your plans for the following day.

Keep the list prepared and perform the tasks the next day in the morning.

Once you get those crucial little things done, the rest of your day feels incredibly smooth.


3. Wake up your body

While your mind begs for a cup of coffee to achieve its highest speed, your body needs a little wake-up routine of its own.

Give it 10 minutes of your precious time and get a sweat going after you wake up.

Not to get exhausted and die for the rest of the day. Just a simple aerobic exercise to wake your body up.

After all, we’re not only our minds – we need to take care of our physicality as well.


4. Don’t look at your phone immediately after waking up

It’s known that the majority of people grab their phones immediately upon waking up.

With this perfectly-tailored toy (hello social media algorithms!), we tend to lose plenty of time. It also makes us postpone getting out of bed. And you know very well that a couple of minutes can turn into hours.

Is it worth it?

How to overcome the habit?

Place your phone farther from the bed and force yourself to get up to turn the alarm off.

Despite being annoying at first, it becomes a favorable habit to follow.

Another great piece of advice: limit your social media and phone use in general.


5. Eat a good breakfast and take vitamins

Obvious as it sounds, it’s inevitable that you’ll face this part of a morning routine.

For many of us, it’s just about ‘eating something’.

But keeping yourself productive in the long run means seriously thinking about the proper meal and elements.

The one that nourishes your body and mind.

For someone, it will be a protein smoothie or a fresh fruit. Others won’t start without a full English breakfast followed up with a handful of vitamins.

The choice is yours. Just keep it light and healthy.


6. Drink water

We hear a lot about drinking water throughout the day.

Not surprisingly: the morning is the best time to get your hydration started.

There’s no point to wait until you start to notice the effects of dehydration:

  • fatigue,
  • tiredness,

Be smarter than the “system” and get a glass of water earlier.


7. Get outside

As we are reevaluating your morning routine to set you up for success, one thing remains crucial.

There is nothing better than the fresh air and a bit of sunshine.

It’s energizing, it pumps you up with the famous vitamin D3, and it sets a positive tone for the whole day.

Some of us have to take a dog outside, which is a terrific excuse to walk around before kicking off to work. Others wander for pleasure.

If your only relation with the outside world is that you check the weather app – do your best to change this habit.

An extra dose of oxygen gives you unexpected results in completing tasks.

Remember that we are living organisms – and that comes with some essential chemical needs.

So get to feel what it’s actually like out there (backyard, balcony) and keep yourself fresh for the rest of the day.


8. Feed your spirit

We fed our bodies, now it’s time to stretch our minds.

There are a few things you can do to keep a healthy attitude towards the upcoming day and life in general:

  • meditate
  • incorporate mindfulness
  • practice gratitude
  • keep a journal
  • do yoga


Also, you can ask yourself some important questions. For example, Steve Jobs would contemplate:

‘If today were my last day on earth what would I do differently?


9. Make your bed

Unimportant as it seems, this little habit is actually going to turn your life upwards.

For the starters, this is the first accomplishment of the day, the first task completed, the first tick on your list – with a little to no effort and done pretty well!

What you gain:

  • a small sense of pride,
  • encouragement for next tasks.

The little things in life do matter.

As soon as you start getting them right, the general life order and excellence will follow.


10. Create your workstation

As we went through the morning activities, it’s still morning. We’re about to get started with work.

At this point, a clear desk will be useful.

It’s often the simplest things:

  • cleaning up yesterday’s mess
  • making it look inviting and tidy

Eventually, this habit will become automatic.



As you already know, being a digital nomad is sometimes hard and demanding but extremely satisfying.

Once you incorporate these ten simple morning tips, your productivity will skyrocket!