In the case of a digital nomad, dating/keeping a healthy relationship can really be tricky as they aren’t staying for long in each of their destination – in theory.

Nevertheless, being in a new location as a digital nomad should not prevent you from dating and being in a relationship – if it’s your wish.

Here are some insights to find your soulmate as a digital nomad.


Attend local meetups to meet new people

It is vital to meet like-minded people in new geographical areas as a digital nomad. Getting to know other people enhances your chances to meet a person you feel attracted to.

Nevertheless, it’s important to avoid any misconception here. Those meetups are not dating events. Purposes are different. Go to those events with the intention of being yourself – not a predator. Meet new people, have fun and network. The rest – in a case of a mutual crush – will follow naturally.


Couchsurfing meetups

A well-known way to meet new people is through Couchsurfing meetup and their app. Most of the time, those events are quite informal and consists in having fun around some beers. It works particularly well for easy-going people.

Bear in mind that Couchsurfing is not a dating platform/app though. Many users reported some creepy and strange stories. Use it to meet new friends.


Languages exchange groups

On Facebook, there are many language exchange groups. Joining some local language exchange workshops, especially ones that are focused on your native language is an amazing opportunity for a digital nomad to get to know others. Using your mother language to introduce yourself as a digital nomad will bring you closer to people.


Internations events

Internations is a community of expats. They organize local events in every city. You can find locals and expats who share the same values and hobbies than you, attend events to meet the local community and do some activities with them.

If you travel from one city or country to another for events, make sure you have travel and medical insurance coverage wherever you go. Some providers like SafetyWing, cover you everywhere in the world.

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Online dating apps for Digital Nomads

It’s more and more easy to get an instant match with your ideal partner from your couch. Indeed, there are many online dating websites and applications available on the market. One of the recommended dating apps for digital nomads is OkCupid. Tinder, Happn and Bumble are also the favourite of many users. Since 2020, there is also a dating feature on NomadList, (only available for paid members).

Better still, there is an app called Nomadsoulmates dedicated to digital nomads and travelers looking for love. It allows you to plan meetings with like-minded people beforehand. The app has a map feature that shows you who is available to meet up in the next 2 weeks or right now in a particular destination, for instance. Nomadsoulmates makes dating location-independent workers around the world much easier.

Female digital nomads and travelers are privileged when it comes to the use of Miss Travel dating app. Miss Travel is such a unique app that is used for free for females. It makes it fun and easy to find a travel buddy and date a traveler. Among the many options available on the app, female digital nomads can opt for “come to me”, “travel to me”, or “show me your town”. The app is used by both males and females in an amazingly entertaining way.

If you are a fan of quick dating, then Travel Meet Date is the right app for you where you can find people on the same flight as you, or in the same airport. You can match with someone on the same flight as you just by entering your flight information. The app is very suitable for dating during short work trips. The app could be a useful tool if you don’t like to travel alone as a digital nomad. Who knows, you might meet the perfect one for you on the same flight.

Make sure you upload a clear profile picture of yourself and add an introduction of who you are. You can obviously mention that you are a digital nomad, without going into details. If the application allows you to add your preferences when it comes to hobbies, do not skip that part. It will increase the chances for you to find like-minded people. The principle behind creating a transparent profile is not to lead on your crushes.

Most importantly, allowing the application to access your position is what will help you get in touch with people who live in the same city as you or in the surrounding areas. For example, Tinder is one of the dating apps that allow the application of distance filters to restrict the search for a match to the distance you choose. If you are a digital nomad in a large city and you would like to meet only people who live within 20 km from your location, you can definitely opt for that.

Many people are present online, on dating platforms, but they are not active enough to find someone that they can date. Getting active on the platforms means allocating some amount of time where you can check other people’s profiles, initiate discussions, and adjust your profile. Still, it is not always as easy as it might be to find the right partner online. It requires some patience.

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Appropriate online communication and e-branding is important

As a digital nomad interested in dating in a new destination, it is highly recommended that you maintain a good online reputation and aim for building relationships rather than indulging in impulsive dating. Give your social media accounts an update. Your Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other accounts do reflect your personality as well as your personal preferences.

Make sure that your dating profiles and social media accounts do not contradict your real personality. Your crushes want to see the real you. It is possible that a person you met online become your long-term romantic partner and the first impression – even online – is the most important one. Additionally, respectful behaviour and communication are key for a good start.

Some people feel so enthusiastic about meeting new people online, yet once they meet them in person, they feel disappointed. Disappointment since the online match did not satisfy your expectations after having met in real can happen. Maintaining respectful communication and appropriate behavior before, during and after meeting a person is imperative for a digital nomad in a new destination. You can build a great friendship, as a result.

Take your time to meet more people if the ones you already met were not up to your standards. Being clear about the desired criteria you are seeking to find in your ideal romantic partner will make it easier for you to choose whom to date with less efforts.

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Intercultural/interractial dating for digital nomads

While it feels good to get many online requests from people who would love to meet you, you should also get comfortable with interpersonal rejection.

As a digital nomad, you might be rejected by many, especially when you look ethnically different. You might also shine like a star, conversely. With cross-cultural differences in mind, you should familiarize yourself with rejection, but not act on it. Your ethnic difference is a double-edged sword.

Dating can have a totally different meaning from a country to another one. You should be careful when approaching one-night stands and dating in general, especially in an eastern or oriental country. Cultures and norms are different. In many eastern cultures, dating means the start of a serious long-term relationship. This might not be true for a Westerner.

There is a clear line between casual dating and long-term commitment. Be clear about your availability, intentions and interests. For example, announcing that you are a digital nomad who is not interested in any form of a long-term commitment is important. It might turn some people off, but it will certainly help you get closer to the right ones.

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Final thoughts

While dating apps can be helpful for dating as a digital nomad, local events are also important. You can definitely use both ways to create more opportunities for yourself, meet new people, build relationships and date more people.

Dating as a digital nomad requires adjustment to the cross-cultural and ethnic differences.

Now it’s your turn to tell us which dating app works best for you as a digital nomad. Is Tinder still a thing when it comes to international dating?