With the wave of resignations around the world and the change in working conditions that happened after the COVID-19 pandemic hit, it is clearer than ever what employees want.

After years and years of running in the hamster wheel, trying to grow and achieve milestones in our work, the pandemic showed us that it doesn’t have to be that way. We were forced to take a step back and re-consider what’s important, see other possibilities and what do we want when it comes to the way we work.

Apart from the basic needs of being appreciated, working in a good environment with the ability to grow professionally and financially, employees are now going after something that was unattainable before retirement, Freedom.

Being free in regards to your work can mean different things to different people, maybe more flexible hours or the ability to work from home a couple of days a week, or even completely remote. Freedom at work is what can give you a good and healthy life-work balance, allowing you to do your job and deliver, without having to abandon your life.

This is a value that digital nomads have understood and held high for years. The whole idea of digital nomadism is about freedom of movement while being able to work online. This lifestyle allows people to gather experiences, see and do more around the world as long as there is an internet connection for them to work.

All these discussions happening now around the world regarding work and how and where to do it, inspired the Freedom Business Summit.


The Freedom Business Summit

FBS is an online summit that will take place on 6 and 7 November 2021. The summit aims to attract 2000+ entrepreneurs and digital nomads to share ideas and know how when it comes to taking back your freedom.

Anyone who wants to start a location independent lifestyle successfully is invited to attend and get insights from people who did it. You can learn how they achieved freedom in business, or became digital nomads and global entrepreneurs with all what that entails, including setting up the business, managing online teams, getting the paperwork done, where to go and what problems you may face and how to solve them.

The organizers state that this is an event that can truly change your life; by giving you all the means and knowledge you need to start your freedom business journey.


The topics

The agenda of the summit includes all what you may need to know to achieve business freedom, they dubbed it as topics that don’t get coverage in big media. The topics also take a nice flow where they start with helping you set and embrace the mentality of “self-sovereignty”, then comes dealing with red tape, the papers, the jurisdictions and the passports and how to deal with any obstacles in these areas.

Other topics covered include cryptocurrencies, specifically Bitcoin, taxation with a focus on how to legally limit income tax or even avoid it altogether, and global incorporation for the best environment for your business.

The summit will also discuss self-sufficient housing and how to achieve it, as well as topics that relate to families like how to unschool your children and bring them up with the mentality of critical thinkers.

All of this, plus the chance to hear real from different nomads and entrepreneurs who made it.


Who will be speaking?

The event will have more than 20 speakers who will share their experience in the remote work world. The speakers will cover experiences from different backgrounds and countries like USA, Canada, Brazil, France, Spain, Portugal, Estonia, Malta and Romania among others; some of the speakers are,

Managing director of Binance LATAM Bryan Benson, Vice President of Insured Nomads Brett Estep, Podcaster of The Once BITTen Daniel Prince, Co-founder of timedoctor.com Liam Martin, Entrepreneur at Amazon & Lifestyle Alex Huditan, CEO of PlanBPassport Katie Ananina, CEO of Sovereign Man Viktorija Simulynaite and VC and former partner at 500 STARTUPS Marvin Liao.

Some residency and citizenship experts will also attend like Kemal Nicholson from Antigua and Barbuda, as well as Hannah Brown of e-residency Estonia.

Other names include online entrepreneur Jeff Ruiz, Professional Networker Gil Petersil and entrepreneur and world citizen #8 Andreas Wil Gerdes.

Every expert of these has a different experience to share, whether it is about setting up a remote business, virtual companies, investments, or getting a visa or a citizenship, all the way to where to get tax breaks and opening bank accounts.


How can I attend?

Whether you are a digital nomad, or you are just interested in remote work and the changes that will affect the future of work, or you are simply an enthusiast of freedom, this event might help expand your horizons.

You can register on the website, just by entering your name and email. Super early registration is now open and you can get free online access to both days of the event. The 2 day online free access includes full access to speakers, expert keynotes and the sessions of the event.

You can upgrade your access to a business and community access at the cost of 99 euros ($114), only for the early bird access, otherwise at 199 euros ($229). With this upgraded access you will get video recording and pdf presentations of the keynote and the sessions, you will get a mobile networking pass to make connections with others in the event.

You will be able to schedule 1 on 1 meetings with participants in the summit, and you will get access to the speakers and participants’ chat. There will also be a dedicated mobile app for the event that will allow you to network with all attendees from all over the world, plus you will get special deals and discounts on the services and the apps of the sponsors and partners of the event. At the time of writing the post, there were only 54 business and community access tickets available.

What do you think about the concept of Freedom in work?