Big cities with a lot of traffic can occasionally be overwhelming, and your heart may begin to long for somewhere calmer and more laid-back. Many digital nomads who preferred not to reside in Serbia’s capital city have found Novi Sad to be a beautiful place to call home.

Novi Sad, a European Capital of Culture, offers many pass-time activities and is extremely culturally diverse and accepting. You may expect welcoming locals, delicious food, rich history, and more while residing in a very budget-friendly and lovely city.

This article will go through all you need to know about Novi Sad before moving there, and we hope the city will enchant you as much as it has other digital nomads.


The Cost of Living in Novi Sad

Novi Sad is a very affordable place to live, and you can easily meet all of your needs there.

For a single individual, the average cost of living is roughly 700 EUR, and it rises to 1500 EUR for a family of four. 1 EUR is equivalent to 117.40 Serbian Dinars, the country’s official currency.

Despite a recent rise in pricing, Novi Sad continues to have lower housing, food, and transportation costs than other European cities. It is the second-largest city in Serbia, therefore you can save some money on your essentials compared to the capital.

Make sure you have medical insurance coverage for your whole stay in Serbia. You can check SafetyWing, who provide a nomad insurance package covering all the needs of digital nomads from anywhere in the world.

We’ll go through some of the major costs you’ll incur while residing in this charming city so you can organize your budget with ease.


Accommodation Expenses 

You have the option to rent an apartment in Novi Sad as a digital nomad and make monthly payments. The website HaloOglasi, which has more than 700 hundred available flats, is one of the options when you are looking for an apartment.

Remember that the rates you see typically do not include the bills, which will vary based on your apartment’s size and the utilities included ( cable TV, internet, etc.).

Small studio apartments can be rented for under 200 euros per month and are perfect for lone digital nomads who don’t need much room or don’t spend a lot of time in the home. 

If you are relocating as a couple or a family, larger apartments might cost you anywhere from 300 to 750 euros per month. You may anticipate private rooms, a kitchen, and even a balcony where you can sip your morning coffee or dry your clothing.

Given that Novi Sad is not a particularly large city, you can get to the city center from any location, but apartments closer to the city center will always be a little more expensive due to their position.

Living at a hostel or hotel is an alternative choice; many of them are featured on websites like and Airbnb. If you don’t want to worry about utility bills or if you want to get to know the area before renting an apartment, this is a good option.

Staying a night in a hostel will cost you between 10 and 20 EUR. A little more pricey, hotel rooms start at about 30 EUR per night. This pricing may occasionally include breakfast, allowing you to worry about one meal less throughout the day.

We suggest that you compare each of these choices to see which is best for you. However, Novi Sad offers a wide variety of reasonably priced housing options, so you’re sure to find something that meets your requirements.


Food and Drink Expenses

You can find a wide range of delicious food in Novi Sad, as well as many restaurants serving a variety of cuisines. The cost of the meals is reasonable and shouldn’t significantly impact your monthly budget plan.

Visit a bakery in the morning for some fresh pastries or everyone’s favorite “burek,”, a pie made from flaky dough that is filled with cheese, meat, or mushrooms and costs around 1 EUR. 

If you like meat, there are many street food BBQ joints where you may get something quick to eat. We suggest trying “pljeskavica” (traditional Serbian burger), which costs no more than 2.5 EUR and comes in a bun with your choice of sauces and salads. Generally, you can a have a good filling meal in these street food places for 2 to 4 EUR per person.

In a restaurant, a full lunch will cost you about 10 EUR per person. In terms of traditional cuisine, we advise eating a spicy fish stew made with freshwater fish from the area. Another delicious dish is “Karadjordjeva šnicla”, a rolled meat dish with a golden crust on the outside, stuffed with a type of creamy cheese on the inside called “kajmak”. 

In a local cafe, a cup of coffee will run you about 1.5 EUR. Prices for domestic and international beers range from 1.5 to 3.5 EUR. 



All of your immediate necessities are within walking distance in Novi Sad. You will always find a supermarket or kiosk close to your apartment and getting to the center is very easy.  

Many locals use bicycles for transportation as well as recreational purposes. The cost of a daily bike rental in the city is 1.5 EUR. 

However, the city has a bus system in place, and a ticket will cost you 0.55 EUR per ride if you don’t feel like walking or biking. You can also buy a monthly pass for 24 EUR.

A lengthy pedestrian street runs through the center and is a wonderful location for leisurely strolls. All the famous restaurants, bars, and cafes are located on this street and accessible by foot.


Benefits of Being a Digital Nomad in Novi Sad

Outdoor Activities and Nature

Novi Sad has lovely parks and a river that passes through the city. The nicest aspect is that you can experience all of this by bike.

Visit the Danube Park; it’s a great place for a daily stroll or a place to meet up with friends.

A beautiful pond, as well as monuments and sculptures that provide a glimpse into Novi Sad’s cultural legacy, can be seen in the park.

Serbia is a landlocked country, but that doesn’t stop the locals from enjoying their summer vacations. Visit Štrand, a sandy beach with bars, restaurants, sports facilities, etc. that is situated on the Danube river. It’s the perfect location to check out in the summer and cool off from the heat.

Go to Fruška Gora National Park if you enjoy trekking and camping. The complete splendor of Serbian nature may be experienced there, yet it’s only around 30 minutes from the city. You can travel there via bus, rental car, or even taxi.


Rich History and Culture

Novi Sad, which was established in 1694 by Serb traders, rose to prominence as a significant trading and cultural hub. It was situated across from the Petrovaradin Fortress, which at the time served as a military outpost for the Habsburg Empire.

Petrovaradin Fortress has persevered through the years and is the most popular destination in Novi Sad, due to its lengthy history. The stronghold may be explored without charge, and you can go to the well-known Petrovaradin Clock Tower that overlooks the Danube river to enjoy the surrounding scenery.

The Novi Sad city center is another place where historical relics can be visited.  If you visit Liberty Square, make sure to stop by the Name of Mary Church, a beautiful Roman Catholic church that was constructed in 1894. The Neo-Gothic style is evident in the beautiful details of this remarkable structure, which is the tallest church in Novi Sad.

The Bishop’s Palace, which was reconstructed in the second part of the 19th century and has a distinguishable Serbian-Byzantine design, is another important landmark. Due to the fact that it is still a bishop’s residence, you can only enjoy this piece of architecture from the outside.

Before the Second World War, Novi Sad had a sizable Jewish population, and a majestic synagog has been standing on Jevrejska street since the 1700s. It has undergone numerous reconstructions, and the most recent one features an ornamental Art Nouveau style.


EXIT Festival

The EXIT Festival, which takes place in the Petrovaradin Fortress every July, is perhaps what most people associate Novi Sad with. Numerous travelers from all over the world come to the city specifically for the event.

The Petrovaradin Fortress, which has more than 40 stages built up inside of it for the festival, adds to the overall atmosphere. You’ll have the impression that you’re navigating a maze where there is a new adventure around every corner.

Over the years, it has featured many well-known artists, and in 2016 it was named the best summer music festival in Europe. If you happen to be in Novi Sad in July, make sure to check out the festival and discover for yourself why so many people are eagerly anticipating the start of the EXIT Festival.


Disadvantages of Being a Digital Nomad in Novi Sad


The city may feel less alive in the winter than it does in the summer or spring. 

The extreme cold temperatures in Serbia throughout the winter will make you less eager to get outside. Heavy snowfall and terrible weather can make traffic a major headache. 

Compared to the capital city, there are fewer activities in this period and you might feel like there’s not much to do. 


Coworking Spaces

Like every modern city, Novi Sad has fantastic coworking spaces that will foster your creativity and aid in maintaining focus while performing your responsibilities. They are well-equipped, and some of them provide entertainment options like chess, table football, and board games, so you can have some fun and unwind.



Startit is situated at 2 Miroslava Antića Street and is open 24/7. It can host up to 15 people, has excellent internet speed, and gives off a very friendly and modern vibe. You can rent the whole place and they also offer the possibility of arranging the space, so it can be used for meetings, presentations or any other type of activity. 


Business Incubator

Business Incubator is located at 28 Vojvođanskih brigada Street. The coworking space has more than 30 offices and a big meeting room on the ground floor. You will have a workstation, a strong internet connection, unrestricted use of the kitchen, and devoted staff that can assist you with organization and inquiries.



Hubitat is situated at 2 Mite Ružića Street and is open all 365 days of the year. It is equipped with optical internet, and awesome WiFi and is accessible 24/7. The coworking space has a lounge area, shower, and kitchen and it is pet friendly, which is a big plus if you decide to travel with a pet. 


The Verdict

Although Novi Sad is a smaller city than the Serbian capital – Belgrade -, it offers all the benefits of a contemporary location. You won’t be dissatisfied by its history, culture, or breathtaking natural beauty, and you’ll easily fit in with the community’s way of life.

We think Novi Sad is a very good choice for digital nomads, as it is affordable and easy to navigate. It is well connected to the rest of Serbia and the capital, so it’s a fantastic place to live in while planning your next destination.