Did your work-life change after COVID? Maybe during the pandemic, you were one of the people who moved their workplace to their home; many people around the world did, and more than you can imagine, don’t want to go back to the office.

Working remotely for many of us, whether we had tried it before or not, was eye-opening. We can do so much with our time, and we can finally benefit from the direction towards life quality versus collecting wealth at the expense of life quality.

The last two years saw two big changes when it comes to the way we work, the first was in regards to the workplace; even after the COVID restrictions became more relaxed, many companies went full remote or at least a hybrid model, whether based on the employee’s needs or on a rotation plan.

The second change, which relies heavily on the first one, is that this period saw an unprecedented rise in the numbers of digital nomads. Now that companies became more open to remote work, the possibility to become a digital nomad became available to many who dreamt of a life of adventure and exploration.

A digital nomad is a location-independent person who uses digital means to conduct his work while living a life of travel. A digital nomad can be a remote employee, an investor, an entrepreneur or a freelancer. Although it may sound like a rather new concept, it has been known and practiced for about 3 decades.

As digital nomadism grows, discussions about how to become one and the challenges of this lifestyle as well as the tips and tricks to make the best out of it become more and more imperative; and it becomes a necessity to hear from those who live this lifestyle and learn from their success as well as their mistakes. And this is the message of the Digital Nomad Week 2021.


Digital Nomad Week 2021

The Digital Nomad Week is a mega summit that will take place online from 6 to 8 December of this year. The event will bring together more than 10,000 people who are living/interested in living the digital nomad life.

100 speakers from all over the world and experts of all different stages and fields that are included in and affect the digital nomad lifestyle; from government representatives to visa experts, nomad entrepreneurs, cryptocurrency enthusiasts, global citizens, digital nomad influencers and many others. Experts and attendees are expected to be from more than 120 countries, making this a truly global summit.


The event plan

The first day, 6th of December, will feature keynote speeches from famous experts in digital nomadism about the future of the movement, remote work and other topics that relate to these including travel, cryptocurrency and global citizenship among others. On the second day, the 7th of December, you will be able to attend expert panels from a variety of speakers to get insights into the digital nomadism lifestyle.

Day 3, the 8th of December, is accessible only to VIP ticket holders. It will include 8 hours of workshops, for on how to start or grow your 6-figure remote business from digital nomads who actually did it and continue to grow their wealth, all while living the digital nomad lifestyle and travelling around the world.


Who are the speakers?

The event will have more than 100 speakers from all areas of the digital nomadism movement, and every corner of the world. Some names include, futurist Jason L. Silva, digital nomad pioneers Kristin Wilson from Travelling with Kristin, Matt Kepnes from Nomadic Matt, Rolf Potts from Vagabonding, Founder of Digital Nomad Week and Digital Nomad Summit Olumide Gbenro, Alex Fasulo from the Freelance Fairy, Kamya Buch from Wandering Kamya, Andrew Jernigan CEO and co-founder of Insured Nomads, Dave Williams founder of Nomadx, Tarek Kholoussy from Nomad Skillshare and Nomads Giving Back, and many others.


Who should attend?

New digital nomads are encouraged to attend, in order to get insights and experience from the leaders who have been there and done this and can truly help them make the best of this lifestyle. If you are an enthusiast of working from home, or the remote work lifestyle you will get the chance to learn and expand the limits of what you know about how work should be; you will also meet and network with like-minded people.

Expert digital nomads who have been living this lifestyle for a while are also very important to this event. Your experience and insights are needed to help out other digital nomads and digital nomad wannabees. You will also get the chance to network with like-minded nomads.


How can I attend?

There are 5 types of tickets currently available on the website. The free participation gives you access to days 1 and 2 of the summit, live chat, live sessions, video networking, schedule meetings and world exhibitor hall. With this ticket, you will not have access to the workshops that will take place on day 3, nor you will be able to replay after the event.

The Super Early Bird VIP ticket is still available at $49, it adds to the above partner discounts, 1-on-1 speed networking, replays after the event and access to a VIP networking room with speakers as well as VIP networking in a 3D virtual setting. The Early bird ticket offers the same benefits at $99 while the full price is at $149 and $199 for the late birds.

Will you attend the event? Which speaker are you looking forward to hearing?