Imagine being around 3000+ people who are all living, or interested in living a location-independent lifestyle. Sounds surreal, right?

However, it is real! and it is happening this week. The Freedom Business Summit 2022 is here in its fourth edition, running on the 9th and 10th of November 2022 with more than 20 speakers and more than 3000 attendees from all over the world.

The event is a worldwide online event for everyone who is a digital nomad or remote worker, or those thinking about taking up the location-independent lifestyle but want to know more before they make the move.

The Summit has different events including discussions and keynote speeches, networking and one on one events, secret chats with the attendees and the speakers, workshops as well as presenting research findings that can help understand the lifestyle better and make more informed decisions.


Who’s going?

The summit gathers more than 3000 location-independent enthusiasts, from different walks and fields. These include entrepreneurs, investors, bitcoin-ers, digital nomads, spiritual leaders and freedom seekers from all over the world.

All sorts of current and aspiring digital nomads are participating, to share their experiences, insights and advice with each other.

There are 22 confirmed names who will be speaking at the summit. These include CFO and co-founder of RUUL Esen Bulut, Founder of Peak Solutions Group in Indonesia Ferdy Serah as well as Sergei Zunajev, who is responsible for expanding the Estonian e-residency that targets digital nomads and remote workers.

The list also includes Tarek Kholoussy, Founder of Nomads Giving Back and Nomads Skillshare; Sondre Rash, co-founder and CEO of SafetyWing; Faris El Jamal from Citizenship Invest, UAE; Dhiren Harchandani, mindset and essentialism expert; Kristin Vierra, career and lifestyle coach who is a digital nomad herself; Zarina Maizel, CEO and Founder of REELO which helps move digital nomads and startups to the right countries; Nienke Nina Keizer, Founder of Digital Nomad Daily and Digital Nomad Daily Podcast as well as Olumide Gbenro the NFT advisor from No Rug Agency. All these names and many others will be speaking and sharing their experiences at the summit.


Why 2 days?

The summit runs for 2 days. The 1st is for Keynotes, and panel discussions on topics that are important for digital nomads and location-independent professionals. While day 2 applies those discussions practically through workshops, real case studies and presenting custom strategies and real hands-on experiences.


What is the summit about?

The summit covers a wide range of topics important for nomads and remote workers. These include:

  • Offshore strategies and safe havens: Talking about how to have a plan B, how to plan your taxes and deal with international taxations, how to protect your assets, how to invest in Bitcoins or build a business strategy.
  • Relocation and second citizenship: Issues with visas, types of different visas, getting a second passport or a second residency as well as how to immigrate by investment.
  • Global Banking: How you can find the best destination for your jurisdiction needs, programs like the Estonian e-residency, the global trends in banking and international banking regulations.
  • Real Estate Investment: How does international real estate and properties investments work and how you can decide on the best investment destinations in real estate?
  • Location freedom: discussing the flag theory and having multiple passports, how the paperwork goes for different destinations and choosing the right jurisdiction for you.


How much does it cost?

There are 2 types of participation. You can participate for free and have one time access to the live event for the whole 2 days, all you need is to register your email.

You can get business access, where you will be able to watch the event even after it’s over. For EUR 129 or EUR 299 (depending on when you register) you will get access to the recordings of the keynotes and panel sessions, both in video and pdf presentations. As well exclusive research reports like the playbook for countries, which can help you pick the right destination for you, as well as educational and actionable content.

The business access also gives you access to 1-on-1 meetings that you can schedule with participants, a networking pass for you to make useful connections and explore business opportunities with attendees as well as invite-only masterminds, in which you can attend invite-only talks with the speakers and guests.

You can pay for participation with visa, PayPal, Bitcoin or Ethereum.


Why attend such events?

This type of event is very useful for digital nomads, whether they are already living this lifestyle, or they aspire to. If you are not a digital nomad yet, but want to explore the location-independent lifestyle, listening to experts share their know-how, tips and experiences with you, will help you be better prepared for the journey.

It can also help you connect with like-minded people, who can be your community in a certain profession or a destination.

For those who are already digital nomads, these events are a golden opportunity for networking. You can meet people who have been nomads for years, who can share their insights and experiences with you and point out an idea or a destination you may not have considered.

Out of these connections, you may find your new community, destination or even business partners.

For more info, please check the Freedom Business Summit website.

Are you attending the summit? Share your experience with us!