Summer is fast approaching, and you might be wondering where to spend the warm northern hemisphere months. If you are looking for ideas, then you have come to the right place as this is our list of the 25 best destinations for digital nomads this summer. We have chosen some of the less obvious destinations to help you explore your options.

We have divided the least by region of the world. Whether you are in North America, currently traveling around Europe, or thinking of heading to Africa or Asia, you will find potential summer options on this list.


North America

If you are traveling in North America, here are our top five cities to call home in summer 2024, in the United States, Canada, and Mexico.


Jacksonville, Florida

If you are traveling around the United States and you are interested in Florida beaches, skip busy and expensive Miami and make Jacksonville your base. Here you have all the perks of a big city with great connectivity, cafes, coworking spaces, and nightlife, but you also get 22 miles of beaches and the largest urban park system in the nation.

The cost of living is about five percent lower than the average for the US and you have great transport links to visit Miami and Orlando for the Florida theme parks. But if you don’t already have a car, make sure you rent one, as it is the only way to get around Jacksonville and make visiting the rest of the state easy.


Memphis, Tennessee

Memphis is on many people’s bucket lists in the United States, and it is a wonderful southern city to visit in the summer months. Yes, it will be hot, but that makes it the perfect time to enjoy lemonade and southern hospitality. Memphis also has a thriving craft beer scene.

This is a no-brainer for music lovers with the chance to visit Elvis’ Graceland, the home of the Gibson guitar, and the Blues Hall of Fame. You can also find good quality live music most days of the week. You will also find a pretty low cost of living for such a large metro area and a thriving tech scene. There are some great coworking spaces overlooking the Mississippi Rover including Wonder and Serendipity Labs.


Quebec, Canada

If you are heading north into Canada this summer, then it is the perfect time to visit the French city of Quebec. It has a low cost of living for Canada plus cozy cafes, inspiring art galleries, and innovative coworking spaces to utilize. The only problem is that you should expect to gain some weight with the incredible French-Canadian cuisine, fresh seafood, and innovative gastronomic scene.

That said, Quebec is a very outdoors-oriented city, especially in the warmer summer months. It is highly walkable and there are plenty of nearby places for hiking and biking. There are some amazing fishing villages to explore. But make sure you brush up on your French. While English is widely spoken, French is preferred.

Foreigners can stay in Canada for up to six months and work as digital nomads. You are also free to look for employment while there and transition onto a Canadian work visa if you are considering making a more permanent move.


Playa del Carmen, Mexico

While Mexico’s big cities can feel sweltering in the summer, her beaches are the place to be! Playa del Carmen, a more tranquil beach south of Cancun, is a great home base for digital nomads. Expect an affordable cost of living, beautiful beaches, and excellent facilities for visitors, but without the chaos of the more party-oriented destinations.

This is a popular destination with digital nomads, so you will find cafes coworking spaces, and even coliving spaces catering to that need. Check out Coco & Co and Anana for coliving. It is also easy to explore the beautiful city on foot, and you can also make trips to the Mayan ruins at Tulum and Coba. If you want forest instead of sea, the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve of tropical forests, lagoons, and coral reefs is also in the area.


Oaxaca, Mexico

Another great place to visit in Mexico this summer is Oaxaca, which is located right at the center of the peninsula, equidistant between Mexico City and the Guatemalan border. This is a wonderful place to experience authentically modern Mexican culture with delicious street food, cool rooftop mezcal bars, colorful local markets, a coffee culture, some excellent yoga studios, and you must visit the ruins at Monte Alban.

The cost of living in Oaxaca is highly affordable, and it caters to digital nomads with good internet and plenty of coffee shops and coworking spaces. There is also a strong community of nomads and expats to discover. While there are no beaches, you can hike the surrounding Sierra Madre mountains where you will find hot springs. Day trips to either coast are also highly doable.


South and Central America

If you are traveling around Central or South America and you are looking for a place to settle down for the summer, these cities promise a combination of great weather and fascinating culture.


Salvador, Brazil

If you want to explore beautiful Brazil in the summer, head north to Bahia and make Salvador, the original capital of the country, your home. This is the largest African city outside Africa and boasts a vibrant culture based around music, culture, and good food. While it may be winter, you can still expect hot days in the high 20s in Salvador, which has plenty of city beaches to enjoy. If you are feeling overwhelmed by the vibrancy of the city, head north to the Linha Verde for smaller beach towns.

Salvador has a very affordable cost of living when compared to Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, and the people are very welcoming, but there are fewer facilities for digital nomads. You can get good internet but expect to work from your accommodation rather than cafes or coworking spaces. But that doesn’t mean you will have trouble meeting people. Life is very much lived on the streets.

Brazil does offer a visa for digital nomads that will allow you to stay for up to 12 months in the first instance.


Dominican Republic

If you have your heart set on the Caribbean, choose the Dominican Republic as one of the most affordable destinations for digital nomads. Prices can skyrocket in the summer due to high demand, so affordability matters! Skip Punta Cana and head to Puerto Plata or Santo Domingo to make your money go further.

Yes, you will find tropical beaches that feel idyllic. You will also find modern cities with convenient and affordable amenities, and decent internet. There are even a couple of emerging coworking spaces. The Dominican Republic does offer a digital nomad visa which will allow you to stay for up to 18 months.


Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a beautiful country to visit at any time of year, but if you are chasing the summer sun, you won’t be disappointed. If you want to be by the beach, skip San Jose and set up in Samara, Tamarindo, Santa Teresa, or Puerto Viejo, but you will surely want to spend time exploring up and down the coast and traveling inland to the country’s famous forests.

The cities are fairly modern, and you can find a good internet connection and lively places to work and play. Plus, the food is delicious, English is widely spoken, and transport links are excellent. But what makes Costa Rica stand out is its unique biodiversity. While you can explore the inland by bus, you can also drive around on your local driver’s license.

Costa Rica also offers a digital nomad visa that lets you stay for up to a year in the first instance.


Belize City, Belize

Belize is an affordable country with a long Caribbean coastline, and the coast city of Belize City is the ideal place to set yourself up for both working amenities and beaches, plus excellent transport links to the rest of the small country’s hotspots.

Belize is rich in wildlife, natural wonders, cultural diversity, and Mayan history. Plus, it is aligned with the North American time zone and English is the official language. Just don’t forget to pack your bug spray when you travel in the summer. But you won’t regret it!



Asia is an attractive destination throughout the year matching beautiful landscapes, good weather, a welcoming culture, and affordable cost of living. But these are our five top picks for summer 2024.


Langkawi, Malaysia

If you are heading to Malaysia, you will want to skip the big cities, like Kuala Lumpur, which can be sweltering in the summer. Instead, head to Langkawi, an island in the north near the border with Thailand. While the islands (there are almost 100) are beautiful, they are more popular with locals than tourists, so they don’t feel “overdone”.

Expect stunning beaches, good diving, cheap beer, excellent food, and duty-free shopping. While there is only one coworking spaces, Jetpack, you can also find good wi-fi and a welcoming work environment at the Smiling Buffalo and the Huggin Hippo.


Colombo, Sri Lanka

Ever since Sri Lanka launched their digital nomad visa, it has been at the top of the recommendation list. Why? It offers a vibrant and fascinating mix of Hindu, Buddhist, and Islamic culture without the intensity of India’s large cities. Plus, the small island nation has some incredible beaches for the summer.

Choose the capital of Colombo as your base. As well as having excellent beaches, this is also the best place to find good Wi-Fi and places to work. It is also well connected for exploring the rest of the country, including its many other beaches and green interior. The affordable cost of living and Ayurveda diet makes it great for your bank account and your health.


Hoi An, Vietnam

The coastal city of Hoi An is an ideal base if you want to explore Vietnam this summer. This well-equipped little city has a beautiful ancient city center on the river, is surrounded by green rice paddies, and sits on the beach with access to some of the country’s most beautiful islands. There is a great café culture, vibrant nightlife, and even a coworking space to use.

For beach relaxation, head to Bang Beach, where you will find restaurants and sunbeds. For nature, visit the Marble Mountain near Da Nang for cave temples and pagodas. For history visit the My Son ruins, and for snorkelling and diving head to the Cham Islands.


Boracay, The Philippines

For the Philippines, again skip busy Manila and head to the island of Boracay this summer. This is a world-class beach destination that attracts all types but also has a strong digital nomad community. There are a few coworking spaces, though Musyon is probably the most popular, and plenty of cafes and restaurants that are happy to let you work for a few hours.

Expect white sandy beaches, a thriving nightlife, and it is a great place for anyone who loves water sports. Go island hoping for great diving and snorkeling.


Kyoto, Japan

If you have been thinking of taking advantage of the Japan digital nomad visa, then this summer might be a great time to do it. But sip crowded Tokyo and set yourself up in Kyoto, the cultural capital of Japan, which is also located near Lake Biwa and not far from the north coast. Plus, it is only around two and a half hours to Tokyo on the bullet train.

The weather is good, the Wi-Fi is fast, and there are quite a few good coworking spaces including Space Kante, Regus, and Impact Hub. While it is hot, many of the gardens are at their peak when it comes to color saturation in the summer. There are also quite a few summer festivals including Gion Matsuri, with food stalls, parades, and more throughout July.



If you are considering a European summer, below are some of the most underrated spots to pick.


Albanian Riviera, Albania

Albania stands out as an attractive destination for digital nomads thanks to its affordable cost of living and the fact that it is outside of the Schengen area, making it a great retreat if you are worried about visa days. It also has an underrated Mediterranean beach coastline often called the Albanian Riviera.

Expect historic cobblestone street villages to lead you to pristine white beaches. While you will probably find yourself working from your accommodation for most of the time, you can find places to stay with a great view and get decent internet in most places.


Tbilisi, Georgia

While Tbilisi is not on Georgia’s Black Sea coast, there are great transport links to visit the beachside villages there. In the capital itself, you will find yourself on the Tbilisi Reservoir and surrounded by national parks and other stunning destinations to explore. It is also a growing hub for digital nomads and expats since most people can stay for a year without a visa.

Georgia is an Eastern European/West Asia destination with an affordable cost of living. Expect the weather to be unexpectedly hot in July and August, but the city embraces the heat as a holiday season, which just makes it more exciting.


Tallinn, Estonia

Tallinn is on the radar of a lot of digital nomads because they are known as tech leaders when it comes to government, administration, and innovation. They also launched a digital citizenship program for tech entrepreneurs as well as a digital nomad visa. But being up there on the Baltic Sea, many steer clear due to the chill fact. But that is what makes summer the perfect time to visit!

In the summer you can expect warm days in the low to mid-20s, ideal for enjoying the long Tallinn coastline. It is also a beautiful medieval city with a mix of Slavic, Finnish, and Viking influences that is waiting to be discovered. It feels modern and historic at the same time.


Sardinia, Italy

If you are looking for a more traditional European summer stay, then head to the Italian island of Sardinia for the typical Mediterranean sun and sea, not to mention food, wine, and olive oil. But Sardinia tends to be a more tranquil option than the Greek party islands and the other Italian islands that are quickly overrun by tourists in the warmer months.

Rent a car to explore the island and stay in one of the many villages where you can find Airbnb accommodation ideal for work and play. The days are hot, reaching as high as 35 degrees Celsius (95 degrees Fahrenheit), but the nights offer a reprieve with evening breezes off the coast.


Varna, Bulgaria

Varna is Bulgaria is another unexpected beach destination that is still to be discovered by the tourist masses. It is well-equipped for digital nomads that need to work as well as play as the country’s third-largest city and maritime capital. There are long beaches and an enormous green park to enjoy when it’s time to play, plus a lively cultural and restaurant scene.

There are actually a surprising number of coworking spaces in Varna if you want to engage with the community. The most popular is Work Del Mar and Switch.


Stockholm, Sweden

Sweden is another country that holds fascination for many thanks to its Viking history and gorgeous fjords, but the cold and dark can keep people away. But the summer is the perfect time to explore as the country transforms into a warm(ish) wonderland with almost endless summer days. This is also when most of the country’s cultural events take place.

While Stockholm is a relatively expensive city, it is also a very liveable one. It is highly walkable, has excellent public transport links, lots of green spaces, trendy stores and restaurants, fine museums, and much more. In Stockholm the local entrepreneur and the digital nomad community mix in coworking spaces like Convendum.



Intersected by the equator, Africa has destinations ideal to visit all year. These are our favorite summer choices.


Cape Town, South Africa

While Cape Town might be in the very south of Africa, you can still expect clear days with temperatures in the low 20s in July and August, making it one of the most pleasant times of year to visit the city between the mountain and the sea. The city has a cosmopolitan and entrepreneurial spirit that will inspire nomads, while being affordable by international standards.

Between working hours in the city’s coworking spaces or worker-friendly cafes and libraries, enjoy white sandy beaches, endless hiking trails, amazing views, perfect sunsets, and wild city life.


Rabat, Morocco

While Marrakesh is a favorite for many digital nomads traveling to Morocco, in the summer head to the coast and call Rabat home for a few weeks or months. Rabat is actually the capital city and has great infrastructure while mixing tradition and modernity. It is also quieter than both Marrakesh and Casablanca a little further down the coast (another great summer option).

Expect a low cost of living while being close to many of the country’s beautiful beaches. The beaches run continuously down to Casablanca and offer some excellent surfing. There are also historical sites such as fortresses looking out over the ocean.


Mombasa, Kenya

If you are thinking of heading to Africa, then Kenya is a wonderful country to visit. You can set up in the capital Nairobi, or head to the coastal town of Mombasa. The second largest city in the country, it was built in 900 CE and has a fascinating history to discover with a mix of African, Islamic, and Portuguese influences.

Expect an affordable cost of living, lots of white sandy beaches, a bustling port vibe, good internet, and a few vibrant coworking spaces such as MombasaWorks, Close the Gap Hub, and Jasiri.



While Oceania may not be your typical destination at this time of year, since it is heading into the colder months while the northern hemisphere is warming up, it is one of the more affordable times of year to travel down under.


Gold Coast, Australia

If you want Australian beaches, head to the Gold Coast in Queensland. While you will definitely see locals wearing jumpers, with temperatures in the low 20s the surfers are still out in drives and a swim in the afternoon sun is very welcome. The Gold Coast area is also home to lush green mountains with hidden waterfalls and other treasures to explore.

Queensland is one of the more affordable states, so unlike in Syndey, you should be able to find decent accommodation within walking distance of the beach. The Gold Coast has quite a few coworking spaces for local entrepreneurs enjoying the lifestyle. You are also less than an hour’s drive from Brisbane, the country’s third-largest city, where you will find all the major business connections.


Queenstown, New Zealand

There is no denying that New Zealand gets cold in the winter months. Expect daily highs of around 10 degrees Celsius and for the temperature to drop as low as zero at night. It feels a little like England in the winter but with a lush, crisp, unbelievably green backdrop.

Winter is the perfect time to drive up and down the islands exploring the many mountain trails and visiting the natural wonders that formed the backdrop for the Lord of the Rings movies. While it can be chilly, there is no better time to have the place all to yourself.


Where Will You Head This Summer?

While those are our top 25 picks for the best places to visit this summer on your digital nomad journey, what do you think? Where will you be heading in summer 2024?