For Serena Chironna and Andrea Mammoliti, sharing hidden gems of Italy that are not even known to many Italians, is the motivation that got them to establish KINO Italy.

KINO creates communities of digital nomads in small Italian villages that are off the beaten path. Both founders love Italy and all it has to offer, from history, beaches, food and beautiful landscapes everywhere.

They saw a gap in the market, as everything is focused mostly on tourists, but not on remote workers and digital nomads, who usually look for something more authentic and unique. That’s why Serena and Andrea started KINO.

They scouted for villages in Italy that have small populations and the right setup for welcoming nomads. They make sure the local community is welcoming and is willing to share their uniqueness with the visitors.

“We talk to the local communities to help us provide a unique experience. For example, in Santa Fiora the local people provided the products that stand out and the activities around it, like the chestnut” Andrea said.

He added that they let the locals propose the activities they feel represent their village.

Andrea and Serena believe that connecting with locals is an important part of the digital nomadism lifestyle, living as a local and giving back to the local community is important.

“We bring a variety with our group” added Serena. As they usually choose small villages, KINO community usually brings life to these villages and ideas to their inhabitants.

They also talked about their project in Tursi, that gathered 19 digital nomads in the small village to work from a monastery. They planned how their project will help the local community and had many activities around that.

Italy has its own digital nomad visa, with minimal paperwork and some insurance requirements.

Now KINO community is in Santa Fiora, and many people from the Tursi project signed up again to experience this new place in the Italian mountains.

Serena and Andreas believe that digital nomads should go off the beaten path to have an authentic experience like a local and make the best out of this lifestyle. Interested nomads can join KINO by visiting their website and contacting them.

Find more info on KINO Italy’s website.