Gonçalo Hall, CEO of NomadX, and starter of digital nomad village Madeira (Ponta do Sol) and Cabo Verde is launching his latest project, the Digital Nomad Village in Pipa, Brazil on the 1st of November.

To Gonçalo, a digital nomad village is about community. Digital nomadism can be a lonely path, which affects our health and brains, but it doesn’t have to be.

The village can be a place made perfect for nomads, with the right accommodations, co-working places, restaurants and activities. It is also a chance to re-populate those villages and bring life to them.

“We make it easy for you to make 50 best friends in your first week”, he added, all through building the community.

Brazil is a hidden gem, Gonçalo described it as the most amazing place on earth, it has nice weather, culture and people. He added that he gets asked a lot whether Brazil is safe, and he answers it depends. That’s why he chose Pipa, it’s safe with good accommodation and an Internet connection; it used to be a hippie, surf village and it still has an amazing vibe.

Pipa has a population of 20,000 people and enjoys a temperature of 28 degrees in winter and 30 in summer. He advises nomads to visit in November, December or March, as February is very crowded. It’s like August in Europe.

Gonçalo said that the challenge that faces Pipa is the expensive connections from Europe; however, he believes it will be the digital nomad hub of South America.

“I have the next 5 villages in Brazil in mind” he added, one of them will be in a capital of a state in Northeast Brazil. It will be a city, for those who are not into villages. Once Pipa is full, he will be ready with the next one.

When asked about the challenges facing establishing a village, he said there are many. Among them are, the government, being in a new country and understanding the culture and how things work, finding the right places and the challenges of changing the perception of people about a country and bringing them there.

“But on the other side of all these challenges, is a happy community having life-changing experiences,” he said.

Would you go to Pipa? Make sure you get health insurance. Providers like SafetyWing offer medical and travel insurance for digital nomads. Their Nomad Insurance covers your stay in Brazil and everywhere else in the world.