A big part of digital nomadism, and one that makes the journey significantly better, is the community you create during your travels. This is why coliving as a concept, is quite popular among digital nomads and remote workers.

However, it is not always guaranteed that you will find the right people who will share the same interests with you, or with whom your working conditions and/or hobbies, plans and habits will align. But there is no way you can guarantee to have that anyway, right?


When Steve Cody’s son and daughter wanted to stay in a surfing town for 3 months to work and surf from there, they found that the cheapest place cost about $6,000.

He advised them to find people to rent the extra rooms and couches, and this way, they can all share the cost. However, his daughter had several safety concerns, and expressed that if they would do that, she would like to do collaborative living with other Tiktokers, his son, a product manager, expressed the same wish; to stay with tech people from whom he can learn and share experience.

And so, Bunking was born!

Bunking is an online marketplace, where solo travellers can find their crowd and share the cost of living, especially now with the increasing prices of rentals.

On Bunking, you can create a group called Bunking pod, where you create a theme and set up your rules, you can ask that people who want to join should have successfully passed a criminal background check; which is something that only bunking provides.

You can set other rules related to age, habits (like non-smokers only, early risers or night owls), languages, job sector, working hours…etc.

You also need to add the available sleeping arrangements, nightly rates and minimum stay. An interested traveller can check the pod, the profiles of the members and if he likes it, he can ask to join. You can then check his profile to see if he fits in, and then he can join the pod and start chatting with its members, so you can meet virtually before meeting physically.

“I believe it’s ideal for digital nomads” Steve, founder and CEO of Bunking said. For example, if you are based in Europe and work in the US time zone, having a group that works the same hours means you won’t be exploring your destination alone as a digital nomad.

The platform is free, you only pay a 10% platform fee when you make a booking.

If you have a crazy idea that is not solid yet, or you are not ready to make a booking yet, like living for a month in an igloo! You can create a wish pod that people can join. Then, when you are ready to turn it into a bunking pod, you already have your group.

Steve added that the platform is relatively new, so they are seeking feedback and ideas to improve from users.