Airbnb lately introduced new features to its users, but are they useful to digital nomads? Chris Cerra from RemoteBase talked to us about the features, how they work and how digital nomads can use them.

The first of these features is the new search filters. You can now choose “anywhere” in the destination search and state that you are flexible, or choose an area of the world where you would like to go.

There is also a feature called OMG! Where you can pick eccentric types of accommodation, like a house on a crane, or shaped like a football or a cow. Chris said that while this may be fun, it’s not very useful to nomads from which the majority are looking for a homey feeling rather than a wow one.

However, among the filters are some helpful ones for nomads, like beach houses, surfing, historical homes, amazing views…etc. Digital nomads who like to surf for example can easily find accommodation where they can practice surfing.

The second feature is split stays. Through this feature you can split your stay between two accommodations, however, Chris advises you to check accommodations from the same host or at least in close proximity to each other, to limit as much as possible the inconvenience of moving.

The third feature is aircover, which is an insurance coverage included for free with every booking. It gives you a booking protection in case the host cancels, check-in guarantee, get what you booked guarantee, and a safety guarantee in case you feel unsafe. Chris believes this is helpful to digital nomads, however it doesn’t replace the need for travel insurance.

You can get travel insurance from providers who have special packages for digital nomads like SafetyWing, even if you already started your journey.

RemoteBase is expanding, they now offer premium membership that gives you more control and choices. They also have more than 2000 users in their newsletter list, which gives them the power to get better deals from accommodations.