We talked to Chris Cerra, founder of RemoteBase newsletter about handling a booking gone wrong scenario as a digital nomad.

Chris has seen a lot of these issues as a digital nomad himself and through his business RemoteBase, which is a newsletter that gathers accommodation deals and offers and sends them regularly to digital nomads.

He says the newsletter can help inspire digital nomads to head to destinations they didn’t consider, plus it takes away some of the stress of having the whole world open to you and not knowing where to start.

RemoteBase tries to combine the best accommodations with the best deals, considering what is important for nomads. They also have a premium subscription in which you can set your criteria and they will send you offers that check them.

Becoming a RemoteBase member is easy, “You just have to input your email and there it is, you are a member now” Chris said.

When asked what qualifies as a good accommodation for digital nomads, Chris said this depends on 2 factors, “Who you are and the type of work you do”.

Some people prefer to be near the beach, some want an eccentric experience and others want a bigger space or being in the middle of a bustling city. The type of work you do also affects the choice of accommodation, as some people need more privacy, while others need a super-fast internet connection.

His advice for problems with booking on Airbnb is to keep all your communication on the platform. If you take the conversation with the landlord outside of Airbnb, you make it more difficult for them to help you.

His tips for digital nomads were, first to get travel insurance. There are several providers who cater specifically to digital nomads and understand their needs like SafetyWing. Second to have an emergency fund, in case anything comes up or you need to book another accommodation on the spot, having a fund will make it easier and less stressful.