Before booking a coliving, you go through a lot of research, looking for reviews and comments and asking on different platforms; trying to find like-minded nomads whose opinions you can count on, which may add another layer of difficulty to the whole process.

Another challenge when choosing coliving, is the company you will share the space with; wouldn’t it be nice if you knew at least one person there? Or if you connect again with the people you meet there to explore together another destination? We know that digital nomad life can sometimes get a bit lonely, and building lasting connections is a game-changer.

Sole and Ramon, two travel enthusiasts and digital nomads from Spain understood these challenges and embarked on a mission to create a networking experience for digital nomads and co-livers around the world. Their platform and app, Mapmelon, is designed to facilitate connections, and share experiences within the coliving community. The idea originated from the realization that while there are numerous apps for meeting fellow nomads during travels, there are not many platforms to maintain those connections and foster deeper relationships. Initially, Sole created an app where users could share their travel plans, enabling friends to keep track of each other’s whereabouts. However, they decided to shift their focus to co-living and the unique experiences it offers. 

They recognized that co-living environments foster profound connections that are often difficult to maintain without regular face-to-face interactions. This realization fueled their vision to create a platform that would make it easier for co-livers to reconnect and share their experiences. Mapmelon consists of two main components. The first allows users to share their travel plans, with text updates, pictures, dates, and locations – a sort of Instagram tailored for co-livers. The second focuses on finding co-livers and exploring their experiences. Users can contribute their own experiences, such as hikes, gym visits, or dinner outings, to provide insights and recommendations for others interested in visiting specific co-living spaces. 

Sole and Ramon also try to showcase genuine nomad co-living, which are spaces that prioritize community and embody the true spirit of co-living. 

What sets Mapmelon apart is the active involvement of co-living owners who want to engage with the community. They answer questions and contribute blog posts to share their expertise. 

Anyone can create a personal account on Mapmelon and join the community, but for colivings Sole and Ramon maintain a careful selection process, prioritizing spaces they have personally visited or recommended by close friends, to make sure they fit Mapmelon’s standards and community.