Budapest is fast becoming a booming hotspot for digital nomads and roaming entrepreneurs. The capital of Hungary, an EU country in the Schengen Area, Budapest is a beautiful city with fresh summers and atmospheric winters, and it is also one of the most affordable capital cities in Europe.

While EU remote workers and travelers have had Budapest in the sights for a while, it is now becoming more accessible to citizens from around the world with the launch in 2022 of the White Card for digital nomads and remote workers. It allows you to stay in the country for up to two years as long as you have a foreign-sourced income equivalent to €2,000 per month.

But the currency in Hungary is the Forint, and the fact that it never adopted the Euro is one of the reasons why Hungary has been able to maintain an affordable cost of living compared to many of its neighbors. HUF 1 is equal to EUR 382 (January 2024).


Why Budapest?

But is Budapest an inspiring place for remote workers to find productivity and inspiration? While this is a matter of opinion, we think yes!

The modern city is scattered with historical monuments from Roman ruins to medieval castles, which often house the chicest restaurants and nightclubs. The food is spectacular, with hearty traditional cuisine and modern fusion options.

Budapest is also a very green city with the Danube running through the center, Margaret Island, Gellert Hill, Buda Castle grounds, and more. You can visit the thermal baths, explore the caves beneath the city, and marvel from above at one of the many rooftop bars.

But what about when it comes to productivity? Budapest has long been a hub for independent entrepreneurs and many services have popped up to cater to this community. There are currently more than 60 coworking spaces in the city.

Of course, anyone who has frequented coworking spaces around the world knows that they are not all equal and they aren’t always great. But Budapest has some of the best coworking spaces we’ve used. With that in mind, below are our top picks for the seven best coworking spaces in Budapest.



KAPTAR is probably the best coworking space for traveling workers who want a great place to get work done without committing to membership. It is located right in the city center on the east bank near the Szent Istvan’s Bazilika.

While we like it for drop-in workspaces, KAPTAR also offers meeting rooms and virtual office facilities. Yes, their receptionist will answer your calls and send you mail along. This mix means that there is a diverse community and there is always someone around.

KAPTAR is not the cheapest but is still competitively priced. It is also convenient to be able to book meeting rooms and other facilities online.

  • Day Ticket: HUF 5,900/EUR 15.50 (+VAT)
  • Once a Week: HUF 22,000/EUR 58 (+VAT)
  • Monthly: HUF 57,000/EUR 150 (+VAT)


2. Muse Kozossegi Iroda

Muse stands out as one of the most affordable coworking spaces in the city without compromising on quality. It is centrally located on the east bank near Margaret Island and the Nyugati Metro Station.

This is another workspace with a mix of services including coworking areas and private offices, plus communal lounges where everyone can work together. We also really like the locker and shower facilities here, so you can have a workout break in the middle of the day, maybe running around the island.

Prices are very competitive, and you have lots of options, but the space is only open during normal working hours (Monday to Friday, 9:00-17:30).

  • Day Pass: HUF 4,000/EUR 10.50
  • Once a Week: HUF 13,000/EUR 34
  • Monthly: HUF 60,000/EUR 157


3. Kubik Coworking

Kubik is a vibrant coworking space where you feel like you are in a creative hub. There are coworking spaces, private offices, and virtual office facilities spread over three floors. The building is just to the north of Muse, near the McDonalds.

Kubik is also one of the longest-functioning spaces, already in operation for more than 10 years. If you have the right kind of membership, you can also get 24-hour access to the space, which is a bonus for anyone working with time zones. There are also lockers and showers, making it a convenient base.

  • Day Pass: HUF 5,000/EUR 13.10
  • Once a Week: HUF 24,000/EUR 63
  • Monthly: HUF 50,000/EUR 131


4. Urban Lobby

Urban Lobby is located near KAPTAR and the Bajcsy-Zsilinsky ut Metro. It markets itself more as a cozy community space than a coworking space, and you can go there to relax and enjoy coffee and refreshments or use the workstation. It has luggage stories facilities designed for businesspeople to travel to Budapest frequently.

This space looks to EU and international people who travel to the city frequently, as reflected by the fact they charge in Euros. You can pay for just a few hours if that is all you need. Plus, it is pet-friendly, so if you are traveling with your pup, they can join you.

  • Hourly: EUR 6
  • Day Pass: EUR 12
  • Monthly: EUR 86


5. Impact Hub Budapest

This coworking space is located in the old Jewish quarter and describes itself as a purpose driven ecosystem that thrives on making positive impact on society and the environment. While that might sound like a big philosophy for a coworking space, it does “feel” that way with changemakers and entrepreneurs choosing to use Impact Hub.

It is part of a network with more than 110 locations, and if you are a member of another network, you can also use the Budapest venue. It is open workdays until 6 pm, but also hosts workshops and seminars.

  • Day Pass: HUF 7,240/EUR 19
  • Once a Week/20 Hours a Month: HUF 17,018/EUR 44.60
  • Monthly: HUF 66,040/EUR 173


6. Collabor8district

Collabor8district is located a bit further south than the other coworking spaces near the National Museum. It is open 24 hours a day, which is a must-have for many digital nomads, so it is a possible choice with international remote workers.

Bear in mind that you do need to sign up for premium passes to get 24-hour access.

  • Half Day Pass: HUF 2,000/EUR 5.25
  • Day Pass: HUF 4,000/EUR 10.50
  • Monthly (24 hours): HUF 55,000/EUR 144


7. Baobab Coworking Oasis

For anyone who loves green spaces and being close to nature, Baobab Coworking Oasis will appear. It is located on the west bank near Gellert Hill and its Metro station. This means great views of the Citadella and you can escape to nature whenever you need.

The space is fully equipped with workspaces and a garden for relaxing. There are lockers and showers to organize yourself, and the space is also dog-friendly if you want to bring your four-legged companion with you.

But this is an oasis rather than just a space, so expect to pay more.

  • Day Pass: HUF 8,000/EUR 21 (+VAT)
  • Once a Week: HUF 16,000/EUR 42 (+VAT)
  • Monthly: HUF 39,000/EUR 102 (+VAT)


Get Working in Budapest

Wherever you choose to live in Budapest and whatever your preferred workspace style, you can find something to suit since the city hosts more than 60 coworking spaces. But if you are looking for the best facilities, centrally located, and popular with local entrepreneurs and digital nomads, any of the seven spaces on our list is a great place to start.

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