With the number of digital nomads increasing every day, many would like to join the location-independent lifestyle and experience new cultures, but what is stopping them?

In many cases, it’s the “how” factor that hinders aspiring nomads from taking the step. Not everyone has a job that can be done online, and many may lack the skills needed to get one.

So how can you acquire the skills needed, to be a digital nomad? Or to help you as a nomad get more out of this lifestyle?

The answer was offered by Tarek Kholoussy and his team at Nomads Skillshare. Tarek started his nomadism journey more than 9 years ago; since then, he visited over 100 countries and, in the process, he found his passion; to inspire people to give back and share their skills with other communities.

4 years ago, he founded Nomads Giving Back, a community of nomads based on giving back to local communities, and 2 years after that he established Nomads Skillshare.

Nomads Skillshare is a community for sharing skills between nomads and the world. Many are about how to get a remote job, how to get your dream online job, how to be a virtual assistant or social media manager, solopreneur bootcamps and many other useful skills for nomads or aspiring nomads.

The community is for anyone who wants to be a nomad, is already a nomad or anyone who wants to get a remote job, especially in local communities that host a lot of nomads.

Tarek is very proud of the “buy one give one scholarship program” that Nomads Skillshare offers. Through this program, if you buy a course, they give one for free to a less privileged member of the local community. The scholarship course content is the exact same as the non-scholarship one, the only difference is in the access.

He also invited anyone who has a skill or teaches a course, to reach out to become part of the Nomads Skillshare family and have an impact on others, especially local communities.

He added that the future looks bright for Nomads Skillshare, as the number of courses, students and volunteers grow every day.

“Giving back and sharing skills feels good, it’s empowering” he said, adding that the local community get a huge value from sharing skills, which makes more communities eager to open their arms for nomads.