Whether you are a digital nomad or a remote worker, or you are trying to be one, learning and training are a necessity to be able to adjust to the market demands.

You can learn a new skill that can become the source of funds for your digital nomad lifestyle, or you can create your courses and teach a remote team/digital nomads a new skill. All of this is possible thanks to LMS (or Learning Management System).

We spoke to Ioanna Proestaki Atkinson, Senior People Operations Specialist at TalentLMS, an all-in-one training platform that helps you build courses and share them with your customers, your partners and your employees.

“LMS is software for creating, tracking and delivering training. You can use it to deliver learning content in many different formats such as videos, docs, presentations, quizzes, and more” Ioanna explained.

When asked what makes remote training successful, Ioanna advised to have a goal in mind, add a social element to avoid feeling of isolation, and make sure learners can access the material anytime and anywhere. She added that practice is important just like with any type of learning.

Some of the pitfalls of remote learning include setting unrealistic goals, not sticking to a schedule and sessions being too long, which leads to losing focus and motivation. She advised trainers to make the courses interesting by creating more interactive content. This can be through quizzes or gamified elements and visual aids.

“Digital nomads can get together in small groups, share material, track progress and make training social and fun” Ioanna said. This can be a great way for nomads to meet other nomads and remote workers with similar interests.

Ioanna added that digital nomads and remote workers can boost their soft skills with TalentLMS’ library, which has more than 700 ready courses. These include skills like remote project management and cyber security. The courses are part of the paid subscription to TalentLMS.

“Learning is not a one-and-done thing, but an ongoing journey. So keep expanding your skill set, keep learning and keep growing with this learning”, Ioanna said.