In an effort to attract digital nomads, Bosnia and Herzegovina announced last summer an opportunity for 5 digital nomads to live there for free for a month.

We spoke to Anna Maria Kochanska, who participated in the program about her experience.

Anna has been a digital nomad since 2017, she works in IT and consults with companies on remote work. She was in a conference in Dubrovnik when she heard about the program in Mostar and decided to apply. Anna had already spent 3 years in the Balkan area, but hadn’t yet been to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“I didn’t know what to expect, there is so little known about Bosnia and Herzegovina”, Anna said. She added that the experience turned out to be so much better than she could have imagined.

The people were so welcoming, and the experience was so authentic because it’s not a very touristic destination.

“It’s a great place for adventure sports and outdoor experiences”, seeing that prices are affordable, you can do things in Herzegovina that you always wanted to do, like ziplining or rafting, Anna explained.

Nature in Herzegovina is very beautiful and diverse, from mountains to rivers to waterfalls. There is also a strong wine culture and a great selection of local cheeses.

The only challenge Anna faced there was that people smoked inside. The smoking culture is as strong as the coffee culture there, and it is allowed everywhere.

Regarding the internet, Anna advised travellers to always check before going somewhere if the internet is available and strong.

She said that Bosnia and Herzegovina may be a great destination especially to young digital nomads who like adventures. She also advised travellers to keep an open mind, as Balkan culture is different from western culture, things move slower and you need to be flexible.

Emerging destinations like Bosnia and Herzegovina are great for nomads because they are affordable, more authentic and there are much more chances to give back to the local community.