In 2015, I took an important decision in my life. I started to work as a full time digital nomad and travel from country to country while developping and running a remote business. It was so far an irrational decision – as everyone warned me about the difficulties to run such a venture in comparison with settling down somewhere and running a non-nomadic company.
But irrational decisions – when in line with your instinct – can sometimes help you to do incredible things you didn’t even realise you were capable of.


Running a remote business is a restless venture. You learn new things everyday about life and about running a profitable, scalable and international business. You are constantly out of your comfort zone and grow everyday to a better version of yourself.


I explored 30+ different countries since then while running two remote businesses:
  • Sendabee is a remote digital marketing agency – with partners in Brussels, Amsterdam, Paris, London. We aim to improve the digital marketing of companies and organisations in the travel industry.
  • Travelbriefers is a network of travel influencers (bloggers, instagrammers) that I connect to corporates (sponsors and brands).
3 early-stage projects are related to Sendabee and Travelbriefers:
– Metrolity: a platform to showcase the local mentality in each city in the world.
– Central Asia Heritage: a platform to promote Central Asia as a touristic destination towards corporates and individuals from Western European Countries.
– Belgium Heritage: a platform which provides castles and food tours in Belgium for corporates based in Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam. The best beers, chocolate, waffles and French fries take parts in the tours.


Being a remote entrepreneur requires a lot of self-discipline, patience and sacrifices. More than if you were running a non-nomadic company. You learn how to run a remote business during the process – not before. If you aim to develop a remote business and if you haven’t done anything yet, the goal is to take the first step as early as possible. Who knows, tomorrow might be too late.