Prague is one of Europe’s most significant digital nomad hotspots. It is one of Europe’s most popular travel destinations and receives over 20 million visitors yearly.

Prague is well-known for the well-preserved castles, excellent nightlife, gothic castles, legendary bridges, and incredible art scene.

Did you know that Prague is home to the world’s most giant castle? The Prague castle is the largest castle in the world and spans over an incredible 18 acres.

The Charles Bridge has some paramount mathematical significance because the former Czech king Charles IV put the first stone on the bridge at approximately 5.31 am on July 9th 1357. And the king was fascinated by astrology; he chose this time because the date is written like this: 1-3-5-7-9-7-5-3-1.

But there are so many reasons that digital nomads love to choose Prague as their home city. It has an excellent standard of living, it is very affordable, and the city is well-connected to Europe and beyond. Moreover, Prague has some of the world’s most excellent beer, and if you love beer – Prague is a dream city.

Let’s look at what makes Prague such an excellent digital nomad hotspot.


The cost of living in Prague

Prague is famous for digital nomads because it is one of the cheaper spots in Europe. Comparing Prague to western European cities like London, Amsterdam, Paris, or Berlin is much less expensive.

Interestingly, the Czech Republic has never officially joined the Euro currency. That is what continues to make Prague a cheaper destination for digital nomads than other popular European spots.

The country uses Czech Koruna, and 1 Czech Koruna = 0.47 USD.

One one the most important aspects of a digital nomads city-choice is the budget and how expensive things are. Let’s look at some of your most significant expenses as a digital nomad.


Accommodation Expenses

Accommodation in Prague can be very affordable. So much so that many digital nomads will live in hotel rooms or private hostel rooms because the price is so low.

The average cost of a good hotel in Prague is 44 USD per night. If you compare that to somewhere like London – it is almost half the average price. So very affordable indeed, and you can find monthly hotel deals for just 900 USD per month.

Furthermore, you can find Airbnb’s for an average of 70 USD per night. With the average monthly rental out of 600 listings equating to 2,122 USD per month.

Apartments are a fantastic option for many digital nomads. If you’re looking to stay somewhere for six months or longer, you should look at apartment costs. The average apartment in Prague is 749 USD, but that is in the city centre, and you’ll find far better deals outside the city centre.

Quite honestly, Prague is one of those cities where it is entirely possible to live out of the hotel room and not break the bank. If you’re a digital nomad who isn’t looking to stay in Prague for the long-term – that is a superb option for you.


Food expenses

Food in Prague tends to be very affordable, but you will save a fortune if you cook for yourself. The average dinner in Prague costs around 6.82 USD per meal, and that’s eating out. If you buy your groceries from outside restaurants and cook for yourself, you’ll save considerably more.

As a city, Prague is very famous with tourists. Therefore, restaurant and food prices positively reflect this, and it is often better to avoid paying restaurant prices.


Drink expenses

Drinks are some of Prague’s most popular benefits. Alcohol in Prague is often very cheap, and very delicious too. The average price of a 500ml beer in Prague is 1.65 USD, attracting many digital nomads who love their beer.

Moreover, the average price of a coca-cola drink is 1.65 USD. So you’ll find that drinks are affordable in Prague, and that’s what makes it such a desirable nightlife spot.


Transport expenses

Prague has an excellent infrastructure. It is one of Central Europe’s most adequate infrastructures. A 3 day pass on the metro system will cost you around 10 USD. Alternatively, you can get longer passes.

For example, a monthly pass on the public transport system is around 20 USD, and if you’re staying in Prague for longer – you could opt for a 150-day ticket for just under 100 USD (fantastic option)

However, if you’re not living far outside of the city centre, you might not even need to use the metro. Prague has a fantastic bicycle sharing system, which many locals and digital nomads use. Also, it is one of the best walking cities globally – so why not take a walk to places? You’ll enjoy the historical sights along the way!


Benefits of being a digital nomad in Prague

Superb location

Prague is in the middle of Europe, but can you think of a better place for someone who loves to travel? Also, you’ll be on a short 3-6 bus ride from many neighbouring cities such as Budapest, Berlin, Vienna, Bratislava, and many more.

Prague attracts millions of tourists every year, because of this many low-cost airliners choose to fly here. Popular airlines include Ryanair, Easyjet, and Wizz Air, and you can find extremely low-cost flights to all of Europe via these airliners. Prague is perhaps the best location for a digital nomad!


Marvellous history

Prague has one of Europe’s wealthiest histories, and you’ll see incredible history everywhere you go. Whether you’re walking across Charles Bridge or exploring Prague Castle, it is hard to find more impressive gothic architecture in any city globally.

Prague is a fabulous walking city, and there are a variety of free walking tours for digital nomads that offer incredible in-depth knowledge of the city’s history. Moreover, there are so many historic towns and villages in the country that are just a short ride away and easily accessible by bus.


Highly affordable

Prague is one of Europe’s most affordable cities for a digital nomad and a traveller. The average cost of a digital nomad per month is around 2,200 USD, far cheaper than many European nations.

Furthermore, you can find coworking spaces for an average of 188 USD per month. Again, that is better than a lot of places in Europe. Everything in Prague remains highly affordable and competitive for a digital nomad. Is it as cheap as Southeast Asia? No, it isn’t as inexpensive as Bali, Thailand, or Vietnam, but if you want incredible living standards for a reasonable price, it is a great option.


A massive social scene

Prague has one of Europe’s most thriving social scenes because of the vast numbers of tourists and expats that live in the city. There is a vast array of bars and restaurants throughout the city, and the nightlife is nothing short of superb.

Furthermore, Prague is next to huge mountains and excellent hiking spots perfect for the summer months. You can find top-class cycling spots, hiking spots, or running tracks during the summer. Also, in the winter months, there are fabulous skiing opportunities around the city.


Public Transport is fantastic

Public transport in Prague is fantastic and some of the best in Europe. You have the option of monthly passes or longer passes that will cover you from any issues. Schedules are also very strictly followed, so you can expect to get around punctually.

Moreover, the city has fantastic bike sharing, bus systems, and taxi systems in place, so you’ll never have any issues getting around the city. One thing to look out for is Taxis that aren’t using a taximeter, and the problem with that is some Prague taxi drivers can scam foreigners. So make sure you jump into a metered taxi, or you opt for an Uber instead.

Another frustrating issue for digital nomads is the difficulty in getting a local driving license within the city. If you’re from an EU country, you can continue driving without a local license. However, those from non-EU countries will have to take driving lessons and an exam before the authorities grant you a local driving license.


Excellent and affordable healthcare

Prague is home to excellent healthcare. If you have an insurance card, visitors and digital nomads are eligible for nationalised healthcare. Healthcare in Prague is westernised, and it is reasonably affordable compared to other European countries. You might pay a minimal cost for consultations, but services such as lab tests are often free.

However, not everyone in Prague’s hospitals can speak English. Doctors tend to speak good English, but Nurses sometimes do not. But it remains a fantastic healthcare system and great for a digital nomad.



Cons of being a digital nomad in Prague

It is jam-packed

Prague is simply not a quiet city. With millions of tourists visiting every month, you’re not going to be in a place where tourists don’t get in your way. However, you can escape the tourists if you opt to stay outside of Old Prague.

But if you choose the stay in the centre of Prague, you’re not going to escape the giant swathes of tourists taking hundreds of pictures on their camera. If you want to choose a quieter city, perhaps look for another European capital like Bratislava.


Government bureaucracy

If you’re running a business in the Czech Republic, there might be times where you have to deal with the government. Unfortunately, The government tends to be highly bureaucratic in the Czech Republic, and there is often a tonne of paperwork when you want to get things sorted. Once you’ve completed all your documents and visa applications, you have to get approval from the foreign police one you arrive in the country.

The process can be tiresome, and the police often require you to fill out documents that you have already completed. It remains a frustrating process.


Other things to note


If you’re a European Union citizen, you don’t need to apply for a visa or worry about anything like that. You are benefitting from Europe’s freedom of movement.

The Czech Republic does offer a unique business visa to visitors that digital nomads can use. However, you can’t do this visa online. You will have to complete the visa application at a local embassy, and there are extended processing times from 90-120 days.

The Czech Republic is yet to implement a digital nomad visa, unlike Germany. However, there are rumours that the government is considering creating a digital nomad visa, which is a faster, more efficient application process and better for nomads.

Make sure you are prepared for any unforeseen event with travel and health insurance. Check out the nomad packages of SafetyWing dedicated to the needs of digital nomads all over the world.


Coworking spaces in Prague

The most important aspect of a city for digital nomads is the selection of coworking spaces. We have already stated that the average price is 188 USD monthly. However, what are the best options for you?


Impact Hub

Digital Nomads widely regard Impact Hub as the ideal coworking space within the city. Let’s look at some of the unique benefits.

  • Entry to special events
  • Bar with coffee and high-quality snacks
  • You have the option of visiting 100 impact hubs globally.
  • discounts on meetings and conferences
  • Private spaces and shared desks available.



In-Spiro offers an excellent crowd of young entrepreneurs and digital nomads. It is one of the city’s most friendly coworking spaces. The facilities include

  • 24/7 access to all facilities
  • A free weeks trial
  • A zen garden to relax in between work
  • Access to workshops and business-support
  • The option of private desks and shared desks.



Node5 prides itself on being one of Prague’s most innovative coworking spaces. It offers over 60 fixed places, 40 shared places, and event space for 100 people. Let’s look at the best benefits!

  • A days trial for free
  • Full shower facilities
  • A fully equipped kitchen
  • An on-site bar with food
  • A fantastic community with numerous events and gatherings.



The founders built Opero to “suit sophisticated professionals and entrepreneurs looking for a professional and social home base in the centre of the city.” Let’s look at some of the great features

  • An excellent location in the heart of old-town Prague
  • Isolated call boxes for skype and private calls
  • The option of reserved desks, private desks, and open desks
  • High-speed wifi
  • And a cafe for members only

Prague is a city that digital nomads love around the world. It is one of Europe’s greatest cities and a welcoming city to all digital nomads. And it has ample facilities to suit all digital nomads, and the affordability to suit all budgets.

It is no wonder the city attracts thousands of remote workers from across the world!