Whether you are just thinking of becoming a Digital Nomad or you’ve already headed down this road, you are sure to have lots of questions and might often need some advice from other experienced travelers and online entrepreneurs.

Luckily a community of Digital Nomads is here to help you out! There is a plenty of useful articles written by digital nomads who are willing to share their expert advice with you or simply give you some inspiration before your next trip.

We have created our top 9 blogs where you will find all you need starting from general recommendations for remote workers to legal information on setting up your business abroad and taxes.

1. Nomadic Matt

©Copyright: NomadicMatt

We would like to start our list of top bloggers with Matt –the founder of Nomadic Matt and a New York Times best-selling author. He has been a constant traveler for already 12 years and has visited over 100 countries during this time!

In his blog Matt covers a great number of places around the world helping people have the most authentic experience in different cities and save money while travelling. The information his website offers is so detailed that you’ll probably be all set to pack your suitcase and hit the road right away!


2. Legal Nomads


©Copyright: Legal Nomads

Legal Nomads won’t help you gain insight about a country’s legislation as you may first think.

Yes, Jodi, the author of the blog, used to go to law school and worked as an attorney but very soon she realized that a conventional office job is not her cup of tea and decided to become a digital nomad.

She created a site that is an inspiration for people like her – those who crave a life of travel and exploration. The blog focuses on food, travel, personal stories, photography and resources to help plan and budget for a long-term travel.


3. Nomad Capitalist

©Copyright: Nomad Capitalist

Nomad Capitalist on the contrary focuses on legal aspects of nomadic lifestyle and will be interesting for digital nomads who want to move their business overseas, legally reduce their taxes, become dual citizens, bank and invest offshore.

The blog is created by Andrew Henderson – digital nomad who started his business in 2008 and since then has helped hundreds of other entrepreneurs create a life of financial and personal freedom.

Here you will find the answers to your legal questions as well as the exact steps to follow to get the results you want from going offshore.


4. Expert Vagabond

©Copyright: Expert Vagabond

Expert vagabond, a blog written by a digital nomad and adventure travel photographer Matthew, is a place for people who are looking for daily motivation & inspiration to live a life full of adventure. You should follow the blog if you enjoy reading entertaining stories about destinations, nomadic life and backpacking as well as looking at beautiful pictures from around the world! You will also find some really useful photography tips, guidance on saving as well as earning money, budget travel and much more!

By the way, Matt is also a YouTube blogger. So if you prefer watching fun travel videos over reading, you should definitely check out his channel.


5. Digital Nomad Wannabe

©Copyright: Digital Nomad Wannabe

Digital Nomad Wannabe will be a great motivation for those who are just considering becoming a freelance traveler. Sharon Gourlay was a stay-at-home mum when she realized that something had to change! She decided to become a digital nomad and managed to make great money from blogging and niche sites. With her blog articles Sharon will teach you how to do the same based on her own experience.

There are also plenty of podcasts available on her website where you will learn about monetization strategies, power of SEO and other actionable tips on turning your blog into the profitable business!


6. SpartanTraveler

©Copyright: Spartan Traveler

Clayton, a digital nomad and a founder of SpartanTraveler quit his job in 2011 to take a trip around the world. In his articles Clayton proves that travelling and working is possible and is often a lot cheaper and easier than one may think. He blogs on various topics ranging from travel hacks and thoughts on lifestyle design to valuable tips and advice on how to hold a successful business. There are also a number of articles devoted to healthy lifestyle and fitness.


7. Become Nomad

©Copyright: Become Nomad

Become Nomad is not only a blog but also an informative podcast that will give you inspiration for living or starting your own unique nomadic lifestyle. The site is divided into many categories, such as Nomad revenue sources, cheap travel, nomad social life, recommended locations, co-working and many more.

The blog articles will be useful for both new and experienced digital nomads as well as ordinary travelers and tourists.


8. Stop Having a Boring Life

©Copyright: Stop Having a Boring Life

The name of the blog speaks for itself and represents the main idea that the author Rob promotes in his blog. In 2009 he decided to stop having a boring life and moved to tropical locations to start his online business around the world.

The main focus of the blog is business and remote careers, but there are also a lot of entertaining articles on daily life and travel. It’s fun just to browse through his website, you can always find something interesting to read!


9. Suitcase entrepreneur

©Copyright: Suitcase entrepreneur

The last but not least blogger in our list is Natalie Sisson, an experienced traveler and successful entrepreneur, who lives her dream life and shows her readers how to do the same.

After building a successful career in the corporate world Natalie has started an online business and a global lifestyle. Since then, she has traveled to 70 countries and lived on five continents!

In her own blog, Natalie teaches thousands of entrepreneurs around the world through her online programs, workshops and retreats. The main focus is on productivity, success and travel of course!

So these were our top 9 useful blogs for digital nomads. What are you favorite ones?

Let us know in the comments below!