Smartphone notifications, Social networks, calls, emails, Internet… We are living in a world of distraction. And this is a real issue for many of us. Being interrupted every 5 minutes considerably lower the performance of your brain and the value of your work. You need long working sessions without interruption for delivering valuable and quality work. And these sessions make the difference in a world where everyone is distracted.

If you want to perform better at work, you need to get rid of these distractions:

  • Turn off your notifications on your mobile phone
  • Log out of your social media
  • Don’t search the Internet – except if part of your work
  • Allocate specific moments during the day for calls and emails. If you are lucky like me, your customers and business partners will be able to understand it (if you gently explain your new way of treating your emails/calls).
  • Work in quiet places. Coworkings are nice for networking but it has also bad sides. Try to find coworkings where you have the possibility to combine socialisation and session of deep working.

In addition of these points, your lifestyle makes a huge difference to deliver deep work:

  • Get rid of potential dependances (cigarette, alcohol). These can affect the way your brain works – particularly alcohol.
  • More extreme: get rid of sugar. I tried it during 3 months and the result is bluffing. You feel less stressed, more enthousiastic and get more energy.
  • Do frequent sport (at least 3-4 times per week).
  • Meditate everyday for at least 10 min. You’ll recuperate these minutes by performing better at work.

Beeing unable to work deeply is a real problem in our current society. And it will probably get worse year after year. If you want to differenciate your work with the ones of your competitors, please don’t fall into the gap. And start working deep (again).

If you want to go further, I strongly recommend you to read the book Deep Work from Cal Newport.